Joyce Banda In Trouble With BP After Her Bodyguard Was Arrested In Connection To ACB Official Murder

Former President of Malawi who is in self imposed exile for her involvement in the attempted murder of Paul Mpwiyo and cashgate scandal to the tune of over MK 40bn in less that six months is reported sick upon learning that her long time trusted bodyguard Titus Thombozi is in police custody in connection to the gruesome murder of ACB official, Issa Njaunju.

According to our sources, Joyce Banda has developed high blood Pressure which is affecting her healthy, with fears that her former bodyguard Thombozi who has implicated her and former Deputy Inspector General of police Bophani may speak more than what he has so far said.

Titus Thombozi was picked some weeks ago by Malawi police when investigations pointed out that he had a hand in the murder of Issa Njaunju who is believed to have got some information which could lead to the arrest of Joyce Banda for her shady deals in the Nigerian crude oil deal.

As soon as Njaunju was murdered, information has indicated that Titus Thombozi was invited to Joyce Banda’s place in South Africa where he went to give a report on the job which Banda and cronies believed was done perfectly without a trail.

When hell broke loose that Thombozi was arrested, Joyce Banda was troubled and she has been restless knowing that her hand in the murder of Njaunju had been exposed.

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