Foot Soldier Ken Msonda Dumps SinkingJoyce Banda’s PP: Promises Come Back In 2019

Long time serving Peoples Party publicist and former President Joyce Banda’s Confidant, Ken Foot soldier Msonda has finnaly quit the sinking Peoples Party for its lack of vision and political future.

Msonda who was the last man standing in Peoples Party said his decision comes at a time that he needs to take an account of what he has done since 1994 when he ventured into politics as a front liner politician, as well as to reflect on his political journey in the coming elections slated for 2019.

Confirming his resignation, Msonda posted on his facebook wall:

“As part of my 2019 political strategy I have decided to take a break (rest) from active front line party politics, to reflect on my Spiritual life and political journey; spend a little more time with family (I have been busy with frontline politics since 1994 & had little time for my family). I will bounce back after resting to contest in RUE Constituency.”

Msonda went alittle further to disclose that, In view of the above I have tendered my resignation from the Peoples Party with immediate effect. I am praying to God for guidance and wisdom; this is a very difficult, hard & heartbreaking but necessary decision as a Christian cum politician. Politics is about “strategy & taking risks; I am a risk taker”.

In addition, Msonda pointed out that as a politician cum christian, he doesn’t follow the crowd (umba – gulu) unless that crowd is following Jesus”.


This comes barely days after Msonda also told his followers that as an opposition politician, his duty was not only to criticize government without a proper basis.

Some have hailed Msonda for the decision while those in PP have turned against him and described him as a sellout, who has been bought by the ruling DPP.

Speculations are making rounds that Msonda may come back to contest for the parliamentarian seat of Rumphi East whose incumbent is Kamlepo Kalua.

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