Govt Strict On UNGA Delegates: Ministries , Depts To Get Approval From President

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International cooperation Francis Kasaila, Monday disclosed that Government has put strict measures to ensure that a reasonable number of people attend the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) 2016.

Briefing the media in Lilongwe, Kasaila said instructions have been given to American Embassy not to issue visa to anyone to travel to New York for the purposes of UNGA without the authorization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

He said; we have also issued instructions to all ministries that ministers should not authorize the travel of their officials to UNGA, without the approval of the president, and in light of the measures a lot of requests have been rejected.

According to Kasaila the serious measures to control the number of people travelling to UNGA is in order to avoid what happened in 2015 where unreasonable number of people went to UNGA as part of Malawi delegation without the knowledge of the president.

Sharing on Malawi’s prospects of UNGA, Kasaila said Malawi hoped to yield positive results in terms of aid and investment, sharing the investment opportunity available in Malawi as business people from America and across the globe would also be at the UNGA.

Kasaila also highlighted that President Prof. Peter Mutharika, who leaves on 15th September 2016, would among other things have bilateral meetings with prime ministers, heads of governments and state.

“We are planning that the president should meet the Prime Minister of Japan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Canada, Spain, Denmark, President of World Bank, President of
Tanzania and United Nations Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon,” explained Kasaila.

Besides the bilateral meetings, President Mutharika, is expected to attend high level meeting on the Region’s initiative for women’s empowerment, UN private sector forum, high level meeting on the commission for financing education and many more.

UNGA is a yearly session where member states meet to share and report on different issues.

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