Joyce Banda’s Bodyguard Titus Thombozi Spills beans: Implicates JB, Bophani In Njaunju Murder

Incarcerated police officer who is suspected to have murdered ACB official Issa Njaunju has told Police that former President Joyce Banda and former Police Deputy Inspector General Nelson Bophani played a part in the murder plan.

The cop, Titus Thombozi, who was stationed at Mchinji was picked by his colleagues from Police Headquarters in the week after investigations showed that he was hired by his ‘bosses’ to finish off Njaunju.

Late Njaunju was murdered in what is believed to be a case of mistaken identity. The killers were sent to finish off a top ACB boss who was following up on an oil deal that was made during the Peoples Party rule.

JB made billions in a Nigerian oil deal in which the immediate past Nigeria President Goodluck Jonathan was also involved.

The whole deal was facilitated by one Mr. Osigwe who surprisingly was murdered gruesomely months later back in Nigeria.

Reports say late Osigwe was murdered after he started pushing for his cut through Jonathan’s and JB offices.

Here in Malawi the deal was being facilitated on JB’s behalf by former Director of Strategy and Policy Shyley Kondowe and Dr. Kalindekafe who was Principal Secretary for Energy.

Both Kondowe and Kalindekafe have also been mentioned by Thombozi as two people who have played a part in Njaunju’s case knowing fully well that they too were cornered.

Under panic JB’s office has gone flat out to distance themselves from Thombozi even though everybody knows that he served as one her closest security men from 2013 to 2014.

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