Chakwera Regrets Instructing His Bodyguards To Assault Lawyer

Lazarus Chakwera and other officials from opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) say they regret the beating of a law firm’s process Serverat the party headquarters in Lilongwe,an incident which occured in their full view.

” As the President of MCP who instructed my boys to beat Mpangeni in my presence,I want to apologize him for the beating and tearing of his clothes by six of my guards who pounced on him after he left the High Court documents at the MCP gates after party Officials and myself rejected them at our offices.” Said Chakwera.

Jolamu Mpangeni, process server for Gondwe and Attorneys was severely beaten up when he went to the party headquarters to serve High Court documents to party president Lazarus Chakwers, party administrative assistant Potiphar Chidaya and the MCP.

Mpangeni took the documents in which expelled party official Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma took Chakwera, Chidaya and MCP to court for defamation and unlawful expulsion from the party.

The documents indicate Chakwera, Chidaya and MCP should appear in court on September 20 at the commencement of the case.

MCP leadership and supporters have of late engaged in acts of violence against those with dissenting views.

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