No Evidence That Former President Muluzi Diverted Govt Money To His Personal Account

Legal counsel for former president Bakili Muluzi has said the state cross examination of witnesses was too weak that it has failed to connect the former head of state to the K1.7 billion high level corruption case.

Tamando Chokotho said this on Friday after finishing grilling lead state witness in the case, Victor Banda, former Anti Corruption Bureau deputy director.

“The state did not bother to connect the allegations that the former president stole money from Japan, China and Morocco embassies. There was no connection whatsover to the Keza Building which he built using his own money and bank loans,” said Chokotho.

He had earlier accused the state of lacking seriousness in the case and asked Judge Maclean Kamwambi to strike off the case.

Chokhotho laughed off that the state arrested Muluzi without any shred of evidence in the case.

However state lawyer Clement Mwala said it was too early to make a determination on the case as many more witnesses, 34, are yet to be paraded before the court.

The Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) lawyer said the state arrested Muluzi based on evidence it had concerning allegations of theft of public money in the Malawi foreign missions some of which was allegedly used to build Keza Office Building in Blantyre.

Former president Bingu wa Mutharika ordered the arrest of Muluzi and his Keza office building was seized by the state.

The corruption case has gone through three administrations of Bingu, Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika spanning a nine year period.

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