Malawians Trim Lucius Banda To Size:’You Are Myopic Towards Development’

Seasoned musician Lucius Banda has been punched left ,right and centre on social media for his below average thinking that questions government’s rationale of having roads, bridges, food and good infrastructure first before anything.

Writing on his Facebook account, Lucius attacked government for what he says are persistent water and electricity problems.

Despite his correctness on the existing problems Lucius went on to ask government to stop feeding its citizens and providing good infrastructure.

His comments have not gone down well with readers who tore his retrogressive ideas into pieces.

“In Balaka where you come from you have got everything, good roads, a good stadium and other good infrastructure, now you don’t want other areas to get same service from government? Don’t you think that’s selfish idea? We all need what you have in Balaka to live a fair life, we are all Malawians, we all pay tax Mr Banda,” notes one of the readers.

Another commenter accused Lucius of being poisoned with opposition mentality which faults everything without being logical.

“Water and electricity problems have been there because of steady population growth. No government especially after the 70s has managed to curb this problem because many people are now using same systems that were mounted in the 60s,”

Another writer wonders how Lucius – who calls himself soldier for the poor- can beg government to stop helping the same poor people.

The thoughts by the Balaka North parliamentarian are contrary to what the current government is doing to deal with the problem once and for all.

On water shortages, government is currently commencing construction of a multi-billion dollar project that will tap water from Mulanje Mountain to all the districts in Southern Region and some in the Centre.

Months ago, President Arthur Peter Mutharika also commissioned a piped-water project in Salima. Plans are underway to do likewise in all lakeshore districts to ease pressure on water systems that service the upper land.

On electricity, Professor Mutharika’s government is currently implementing a project funded by Millennium Challenge Account which will add close to 1000 megawatts to the national grid upon completion in 2018. Currently Malawi produces a meagre 350 megawatts that caters for both domestic and industrial use.

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