Exit Nevin, Enter Simon Mustard:Malawi Has New British Envoy



Ms Holly Tett has been appointed British High Commissioner to the Republic of Malawi. She will take up her appointment in January 2017. Meanwhile, the British Government has sent a Temporary High Commissioner, Mr Simon Mustard, to cover for the period between Michael Nevin’s departure and the arrival of the substantive High Commissioner.

Ms Tett joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 2002 and has previously worked in Ethiopia, Tunisia and most recently in Argentina.

Mr Mustard has just finished a posting in Jordan where he served as Deputy Ambassador. He previously worked in the Middle East, Washington, Central America and London.

On her appointment as British High Commissioner to the Republic of Malawi, Ms Tett said:

“It is a huge honour and privilege to be appointed British High Commissioner to Malawi. With our shared history and common interests, Malawi is an important partner for the UK in a region that matters to us. I look forward to strengthening our partnership further on a foundation of mutual affection and respect – delivering concrete outcomes that support development, prosperity and security in Malawi and the UK. And of course my family and I are excited to explore all corners of this beautiful, diverse and warm-hearted country.”

For his part, Temporary High Commissioner, Simon Mustard said:

“I am really looking forward to my time in Malawi over the coming months. My role will be to ensure the UK continues to stand side by side with Malawi. Our relationship is one of the most important we have in the region. We are committed to working together to tackle the challenging humanitarian situation the country currently faces and to continue to promote stability and prosperity. I look forward to working closely with the Government to ensure the UK can play a key role in all of these areas and help the people of Malawi.”

For further information, please contact:

Hellen Chabunya
Head of Political and Public Affairs
+265 (0)1 772 400/+265 (0) 999 960 260
Email: hellen.chabunya@fco.gov.uk
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