Luanar, MUST Benefit From Cash gate As Govt Hands Them Remaining Two Cash gate Buses

Malawi’s Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu on Wednesday handed over two buses to Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR) and Malawi University of Science Technology (MUST),Malawi Independent has learnt.

During the Joyce Banda regime, six buses in total were obtained by some ministry of tourism officials in dubious ways
through Cashgate.

Speaking when he handed over the buses Tembenu said donating the buses to public institutions is one way of returning to the public what belongs to them.

He said, “money was stolen from public purse and was used to procure the six buses, the buses were meant to be for private use of a group of people who conceived and executed the Cashgate plan
According to Tembenu the beneficiaries were identified on the basis of real and immediate need.

The applications were many but we could only give to the few institutions, the other four buses were given to the Malawi Police Service, the Prison Department, Malawi Defence Force and the Department of Aviation ,”disclosed Tembenu.

He further said government is committed to conclude all remaining cases of Cashgate as quickly as possible in order to close the Cashgate episode in Malawi.

Speaking when he received the bus, vice Chancellor for LUANAR Prof. George Kanyama Phiri expressed gratitude and profound thanks for the timeliness of the donation.

He said, “with a population of about nine thousand students, the university needed a bus to transport its students and staff, who were at times using a lorry.

In her remarks Vice Chancellor for MUST, Address Mauakowa Malata said the donations will go a long way in helping the students and staff at MUST who needed proper means of transportation like yesterday.

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