DPP Gains Momentum In Mangochi: Law Maker Chambo,Business Gurus Join Ruling Party

The independent Member of Parliament for Mangochi North,honourable Benedicto Chambo has officially joined the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Chambo’s move to DPP has also coincided with the decision by the Mangochi Business Committee to support the ruling party.

“I can confirm that I have officially joined DPP. It’s a decision influenced by the people in my constituency,” explained Chambo in an interview with Malawi Independent.

Chambo who is vice-chairperson for Trade and Industry Committee of Parliament and also member of Agriculture committee, said he is yet to officially write the Speaker’s office on his decision.

He won the Parliamentarian seat in 2014 as an independent candidate after he dumped Joyce Banda’s Peoples Party (PP). He outclassed then Minister of Energy Ibrahim Matola.

Meanwhile, the business community in the district has also thrown its support behind the DPP.

Mangochi Business Committee Chairperson, Sheik Twaha said their decision to work with the current government has been inspired by the fact the party they once supported, UDF, is currently in working relationship with government.

“We are not members of any political party. Ofcourse we supported UDF during the campaign, and since UDF is working with government; we found it reasonable to also work with government. But we are not members of any political party,” said Sheik Twaha.

UDF and DPP have formed a working relationship since the 2014 Tripartite Elections.

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