Court Rules On Zambia Elections:Edgar Lungu To Be Inagurated President On September 13

The Zambian government has confirmed the date for the inauguration of President Edgar Lungu after the Constitutional Court dismissed an application by the opposition challenging his re-election, The Post reports.

An independent election monitoring body tweeted the government’s announcement on Monday.

The inauguration ceremony has been set for Tuesday, September 13 at the National Heroes Stadium.

Zambia’s constitutional court on Monday threw out an attempt by the defeated presidential candidate, Hakainde Hichilema, to annul August election results, clearing the way for Lungu’s inauguration.

Hichilela, who lost the election by 100 000 votes, claimed that the result was rigged and launched a legal bid to stop Lungu retaining power.

Lungu took office only last year when he beat Hichilema in a snap election.

Zambia is known for its relative stability, but the run-up to the vote was marked by clashes between supporters of Lungu’s Patriotic Front (PF) and Hichilema’s United Party for Natiuonal Development (UPND).

Lungu responded to the courts’ decision to dismiss the case challenging his re-election by sharing a biblical quote on his Facebook page, then followed that up by calling for national unity.

A law introduced in January stated that the winner of a presidential vote could not be sworn in if their victory was contested in a court.

Hichilema, according to The Post, claimed that the outcome of the petition against the re-election of Lungu was pre-determined while complaining over the manner in which the Constitutional Court decided to proceed with the matter.

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