Veteran ‘MCP Giants’ Gang Up To Oust Chakwera: Morgan Tembo Poised To Take Over

Battle for Malawi Congress Party leadership rages on, as veteran Malawi Congress Party (MCP) old guards have vowed to kick Chakwera out of power.

According to our sources within the Malawi Congress Party, influential members of the party are said not to be happy with how Chakwera has failed to resolve party wrangles, as well as failing to take their advise on several occasions for the betterment of the longest existing party in the land.

As that is not enough, MCP giants are bitter with Chakwera’s move to suspend one of the surviving MCP long time parliamentarian and diehard , Joseph Njobvuyalema.

Old guards in MCP feel Chakwera has closed the red line and has no respect for the people who ushered him into power at the expense of his ill intentions.

“Chakwera is not accommodative and he has shown that he is a dictator, who believes in being in power without being opposed when something goes wrong.”Said one of the retired ‘kongeresi’ official who went further to say, time is ripe for them to be active and show Chakwera the exit door.

Malawi Independent has established that meetings have been taking place to strategise on how best they can deal with Chakwera but at the same time not raping the party’s constitution.

The giants have vowed to front Morgan Tembo, a relation to veteran politician JZU Tembo as a man who will take over from Chakwera, if not now, then during the MCP convention as their torch bearer in the 2019 elections.

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