Joyce Banda Shocked With Kasambara’s Convictions: Fears Mphwiyo Will Spill The Beans Cornering Her In Cash Gate Scandal

Now that former Justice Minister is locked away for 13 years for his conspiracy to murder former Budget Director Paul Mphwiyo, focus turns to the latter whose Cashgate case is also in steady progress.

Malawians now know that Kasambara together with McDonald Kumwembe and Pika Manondo had a hand in the shooting of Mphwiyo but a day must come when reasons for that attempted murder shall be laid bare for all to see.

Mphwiyo now holds the key and the whole system of thieves that plundered government money will crumble bit by bit. There is no turning back.

On that morning in September 2013 when former President Joyce Banda made a clear declaration that she knew who shot Mphwiyo and why, the nation was given a clue on what was really transpiring within the government system.

Mphwiyo is then expected to lay it out before the courts why JB defended him religiously and what the two had in common in the Cashgate heist.

Sources in the office of Director of Public Prosecutions have indicated that Mphwiyo has already given a hint on how he worked closely with Joyce Banda to rob government of billions of Kwachas.

Mphwiyo is said to be cooperating so well with government prosecutors and is giving leads that will corner almost 6 top officials from the Peoples Party including JB herself.

The former Budget Director has surrendered to government prosecutors text messages and emails that he exchanged with JB on how to carry out the looting plan from June 2013.

As days elapse it is now clear that Malawians will now know what really happened with their hard-earned taxes under the PP regime.

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