M5 Road To Wear New Face As Mutharika Promises World Class Road Network In Lakeshore

Malawi President Arthur Peter Mutharika has made a strong commitment that all lakeshore districts will get a new modern road network which will connect the area to the rest of the country and over regional trade routes.

Speaking during his whistle stop tours on his way back from Mzuzu to Lilongwe, President Mutharika said the road condition of the lakeshore road is bad and not fit for an area with so much economic importance to the country.

“As you know I was in North and on my way back to Lilongwe I decided to use the lake shore road to see you, as I was driving along I noted that the road is too old, it’s is in bad shape so we need to construct this part of road from Salima to somewhere around Dwangwa. My government will also construct this road from Mwasambo turn off to Ntchisi to open up this area to more meaningful trade,”said Mutharika.

The President had stopovers at Dwangwa and Salima Turn-off among other places where he was welcomed by thousands of people.

He also promised that his government will connect Nkhokakota and Ntchisi to enhance interdistrict trade and social cohesion.

The President was also quick to remind people along the lake that with government’s Greenbelt Initiative their lives will be transformed through agribusiness and light manufacturing hence many jobs being created.

“In order to mitigate the impact of climate change our government has embarked on large scale irrigation not only for maize but other crops such as soya beans,rice and sugarcane,” he said.

On the looming hunger President Mutharika promised the people that government has put in place all necessary measures to ensure that every Malawian has enough food to see them through the lean period.

He reiterated that no person will die from hunger arguing government has spared about $600 million to buy maize from Mexico, Zambia and Brazil that will sold in Admarc markets while those that cannot afford will get it free of charge.

The Malawi leader also told the gatherings that his government is fulfilling the promises it made to Malawians during campaign.

He cited the community colleges, the Malata and cement subsidy and coming in of foreign investors as some of the promises fulfilled.

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