Njobvuyalema Accused Of Working With Ruling DPP By Chakwera : Plans Underway To Axe Him

Leader of opposition in parliament and President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Reverend Lazarus Chakwera is reported bitter with veteran politician and law marker, Joseph Njobvuyalema for betraying his party and siding with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

In side sources within Malawi Congress Party have told Malawi Independent that Chakwera and Joseph Njobvuyalema are not in talking terms, as Chakwera suspects Njobvuyalema of working with ruling Democratic Progressive Party to weaken the party’s structures.

Chakwera who has of late fallen out of favor with Malawi Congress Party veterans and district chairmen believes that it is Njobvuyalema who has been responsible for mobilizing the district chairmen and other senior party officials such as Dr. Jessie Kabwira, Dr. Felix Jumbe, Rhino Chiphiko, Chatinkha Nkhoma and others to turn against him.

As that is not enough, Chakwera has accused Njobvuyalema of pocketing millions from the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to leak MCP and Chakwera’s confidential information to dent his image, some of it being the recent one exposing MCP having a balance of Mk 5,035.00 in its account when Chakwera is building a small palace for himself.

MCP is on record saying it has been spotting Njobvuyalema in hotels with ruling DPP formerr leader of the house, Francis Kasaila, Dr. Ben Phiri, Eclen Kudontoni and Francis Mphepo among others.

It has been established that plans are at an advanced stage, for Chakwera to Axe Njobvuyalema and others who have openly challenged his political maladministration, labeling them as traitors.

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