MCP Seasoned Parliamentarian Rhino Chiphiko Schools Chakwera On Good Leadership

MCP senior member and legislator Rhino Chiphiko has come out strong hitting at his party leadership for lacking vision and focus as they head towards the 2019 elections.

Writing on his official Facebook account Chiphiko demanded from his seniors what they have lacked over the past two years.

“MCP needs to be Firm, Fair and Consistent,” he writes.

His post attracted a barrage of comments most of which warned MCP and its leader Lazarus Chakwera for becoming dictatorial in running party affairs.

Among the many comments was that of activist Billy Mayaya who equally begged MCP leadership to put their act together and focus rather than intensify their infighting.

Chiphiko, who heads the Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) has been attacked by his own leader Lazarus Chakwera for aiding dissenters like Jessie Kabwila and Felix Jumbe.

Just last week there were strong indications that he is likely to face discipline within the party ranks for associating with the two rebels.

MCP continues to sail through troubled waters since a majority of district chairmen across the country sought legal redress to force Chakwera convene an emergency convention where he should relinquish power.

In retaliation the Chakwera camp has resorted to violence and intimidation towards the disgruntled members and anyone who sympathizes with them.

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