MCP Not Happy With Partridge’s Appointment As New PCL Boss

Malawi Congress Party and the family of late Kamuzu Banda are reported not happy with the appointment of Dr. George Partridge as the new boss of the conglomerate body, Press Corporation Limited taking over from another MCP- mafia like technocrat Mathews Chikaonda, who has for the past years brought PCL to its knees.

The appointment of George Partridge has been made by Press Corporation Limited board of Directors, who have said his appointment was done in a transparent manner and the process started in January,2016.

According to sources from PCL, MCP and Kamuzu family fronted Biswick, another MCP die-hard to take over from Chikaonda, to prepare for his take over, Biswick was made PCL’s Chief Operations officer.

However, the contrary move by the PCL board has shot them in the head and hit them when it pains most.

Malawi Congress Party always want to take control of PCL so that it must be run as a party or Kamuzu Banda’s estate. The appointment of Partridge who is not politically exploited as the former PCL bosses is said to be a big blow to the MCP, to the extent that some people and politicians had been planning to stop his appointment.

The appointment of Partridge is effective November 1, 2016. By the time of his appointment, Partridge was working as National Bank of Malawi (NBM) Chief Executive Officer .

Chikaonda was appointed PCL boss in 2002, during his tenure, PCL was worse than before. Some of its subsidiaries were closed while some shops across the country were shut for not making prophets, at the same time Chikaonda was enriching himself.

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