Malawi President Mutharika Warns Political Parties That Stifle He Will Not Tolerate Stifle Democratic Freedoms

State President, Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika, says under no means should a Malawian citizen intimidated for exercising due democratic rights that are espoused in freedom of expression among other things.

He was speaking on Saturday night in Mzuzu when he graced Blue Dinner Dance organized by Democratic Progressive Party in the Northern Region.

The President reiterated that his party and all other political players should exercise tolerance both at intra and interparty levels to build a robust democratic society that Malawi ought to be.

“As Head of State and Leader of all Malawians, including those in other opposition political parties, I will not allow anyone to be persecuted for legally expressing their political views. What we are seeing in the opposition parties is a sign that democracy is in danger; but I urge them to resolve their political division peacefully,” said he in reference to recent political tensions in the main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) where a number of executive members are said to be living in fear for expressing contrary opinions to those of their leaders.

President Mutharika added, “The party leadership must curb its hangover of dictatorship, desire for violence and instincts of brutality manifesting in some of its members. We want Malawi to move forward and not go back.”

The DPP leader stressed that government’s development agenda can only be fulfilled when every Malawian citizen is given a chance to participate in nation building.

“We are democratic because Malawi can only develop with the participation of every citizen. In our democracy, no citizen must be intimidated, threatened with death or their property set on fire for expressing their political views. This is not 1970. Malawians don’t want to go back to the decades of a one-man dictatorship,” he said while pinpointing that this was a warning to those who sow seeds of oppression within and without political parties.

Commenting on his DPP, President Mutharika said he was happy with the levels of unity that exist in the ruling party.

“I know that we are one with one purpose to make Malawi a better place. This is what defines us and distinguishes us as a party. We share a common duty to leave a better country than the one we found.”

The President is in the Northern Region where he is undertaking numerous official functions.

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