If Kamlepo Kalua Has “Balls”, Let Him Name The Corrupt Ministers-Nyasatimes Columnist Writes

Its really painful when you hear the national narrative that borders absurdity. Honourable Kamlepo Kalua, him with all the privileges of immunity at Parliament is engaged in a long debate as to who has names of who accused in corruption scandal. I think our politicians whose thinking capacity is beyond comprehension, thinks we are all cartoons.

We have Parliamentarians of the calibre of Kamlepo Kalua. Every time he opens his mouth, I am always keen to check substance. He starts with “If they want to kill me, I am ready to die.” I find this disgusting as corruption is. If he wants to die, let him die in peace without making himself a martyr for being part of this parliament which has little regard to Malawians.

Kamlepo should stop thinking Malawians he found in 1994 are the ones today. If he has no idea what powers he posses as a legislator and Vice Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee let him shut up and enjoy the hefty loans, salaries and allowances Malawians pay for.

Only if he was a legislator worth his sort, he should have known that the constitution section 60 grants him immunity for any statement or remarks made during Parliament or Committee sittings. If he is scared of being arrested or sued, let him during a PAC meeting or Parliament read out the names he posses. The press will cover it and they cant be sued, its under parliamentary privilege. If he cant speak, let him stop speaking “stupid things like the President should fire Ministers” when he has no b**** to name and shame them.

When we were young, we would threaten our friends “ndikakunenela” and when we reached home we would end up with a debate “nenatu, nenatu”. My parents would whip us for wasting time.

If I were your Excellency, I would let Kamlepo die in his peace- since he is obsessed with death and not waste time answering him .

Source: Nyasatimes

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