July 20 Victim Families Commend Govt For Compensating The Loss Of Their Loved Ones

Malawi government has finally paid compensation for 20 July martyrs bereaved families through the Office of the Secretary to Treasury, Malawi Independent has learnt.

According to our sources at the High court, there was a court order which required Secretary to the Treasury, Dr Ronald Mangani, to appear before it on Wednesday, August 24, to clarify why compensating the 10 families who lost their relatives during the July 20, 2011 nation- wide demonstrations took time when the court had already made its verdict.

However,Malawi Independent understands that before the hearing was about to start on Wednesday morning, the Office of the Secretary to the Treasury had already brought the cheques totalling the said amount to the court by state advocate Apoche Itimu.

In an interview with journalists outside the court after presenting the cheques, Itumu said;

“As government, this means that we have demonstrated our responsibility under the case that was brought before the court, and for the families, it means that they have been compensated,” she said.

Itimu, however, defended the delay in the payment of the compensation, describing it as normal since the money comes from the public coffers.

She added that as an office of the Secretary to the Treasury of the Accountant General, any payment is made basing

One of the relatives to the victim of the July demonstration Juma Umali said though the amount of money given to them may not be equal to the lives of their lost loved one, government’s commitment in compensating them had to be recommended.

He added that governemnt has shown love for them bearing in mind that some of the people whose family members were killed by the Malawi Congress Party regime 30 years ago, have not seen justice to the present day.

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