DPP Bankrolling Seven Of the Top Guns in The Newly Formed Transformation Alliance

Ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is reported sponsoring the seven top guns who are behind the formation of Transformation Alliance, Malawi Independent has learnt.

According to our sources, the ruling Party has approached former Information Minister who is from the Southern region Moses Kunkuyu and have some traces from the central region, currently working as an editor of the Globe Newspaper which is believed to be a propaganda tabloid for the ruling party to spearhead the operations of the Transformation Alliance.

We have also established that Moses Kunkuyu was tasked to seek the service of another Lomwe who is ADRA country Director Michael Usi to join the movement so that Malawians should take it seriously as he has always been the critic of the government.

For the records, Michael Usi popularly known as Manganya hails from Mulanje which is a political bedroom of the ruling party although he masquerades as a Malawi Congress Party fun.

Malawi Independent understands that Michael Usi is the one who sold the idea to Mathews Chikaonda, a devoted Malawi Congress Party follower just like Usi to support the Alliance which our publication has learnt that it is working for one of the guys in the DPP who want to contest for the Presidency in the coming elections slated for 2019.

The group has officially been unveiled today at Malawi Sun Hotel in Blantyre and was graced by some Peoples Party politicians, Malawi Congress Party officials, ruling DPP politicians, business captains , academicians and members of the Press.

So far, each of the seven members has pocketed Mk 10 million kwacha each as their package for collaborating to work with the ruling party.

Transformation Alliance has been formed with main aim of screening future leadership with only two years remaining before the country holds its second tripartite elections.

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