Suspect Reveals Chakwera, JB Sponsored Failed Arson Plot On MCP Building To Gain Public Sympathy

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) operative, Isaac Jere, who is in police custody in connection to arson attempts on party headquarters in City Centre, has mentioned several big wigs in the political field as ones who are sponsoring terror in the country.

Jere was arrested together with several friends for planning to ransack MCP headquarters as a way of further widening the chasm that has been there in the party lately.

When officers at Lilongwe Police interrogated him on the arson plans Jere said many politicians are now involved in the MCP squabbles and would want to benefit from it.

Among high profile people mentioned by Jere are former President Joyce Banda, MPs Joseph Njobvuyalema, Jessie Kabwila, Lingison Belekanyama and Ryno Chiphiko. Others are former politician Sidik Mia, aspiring politician Michael Usi, Alex Chinsinga, businessman Simbi Phiri among others.

According to media reports, the group was gathered at Lilongwe Labour Office by Kabwila, Mr Ndalama and Mr. Chinsinga who told them that there was some work to be done on that night.

The group was ferried to City Centre and given instructions to invade the premises and ransack it using petrol bombs and metal bars. Some members have changed the storyline after their arrest saying they were going to the offices to hold a vigil calling for unity in the party.

However, in a twist of events it has been established that Jere is a double dealer who has also received money from MCP leader Lazarus Chakwera to also deal with his critics.

In this case Jere took money from Chakwera after convincing him that any ransacking of the MCP headquarters could be easily attributed to the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

So, the pastor sponsored the attack on his own offices to gain sympathy from Malawians. To the MCP leader any bad attributed to the DPP is thought as his political score.

Jere is being investigated as one of the people who were also sent by Chakwera camp to burn Kabwila’s car some weeks ago.

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