Reverend Chakwera Cries Foul: Accuse Govt Of Not Buying Him Wreath To Lay At MEC Chief’s Funeral

Leader of opposition in Malawi National Assembly and President of Malawi Congress Party (MCP), Reverend Lazarus Chakwera has accused the government of denying him his benefits, among others, not buying him a wreath which he was to lay at the funeral of late Maxon Mbendera, who until his death was Chairman of Malawi Electoral commission (MEC).

In an interview with one of the local media houses in Malawi. Chakwera said he was saddened to see that he was not recognized at the funeral, by not allowing him to lay a wreath, as his last respect to the fallen judge who many have described as loving, caring and hard working.

However, Judicial Spokesperson, Mlenga Mvula has rubbished Chakwera’s allegation calling them useless attention seeking in times of sorrow , by indicating that all those who lay wreaths at the funeral , had brought them and and were properly labeled.

Chakwera has come under fire by Malawians who have described him as being obsesses with recognitions.

The intentions by Chakwera have raised many questions with some people wondering whether he had gone to the funeral to pay respect to the fallen hero or brainwash Malawians for his political ego.

It is a great embarrassment for the old man to think that government will be footing each and every bill for him including wreaths.

Chakwera was supposed to know that, there was no way he could be allowed to lay a wreath when he went to the funeral empty handed.

This is a shame of highest order.

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