By Public Demand Meet Billy, The Cash Gater’s Architect: Famous Celebrated Ellenor Moyo On Facebook

Speculations and assumptions have been made. Wrong people have been judged unfairly but the truth is finally here. By the demand of the public and ‘her followers’. We bring you “Billy”, the celebrated “Ellenor Moyo on facebook.

He is Billy indeed. Those who thought this publication is talking of our celebrated “Demonstrator ” Billy Mayaya have goofed. We are not even writing about Billy Kaunda. This is another Billy who you never knew existed but lives amongst us.

Popularly known as Ellenor Moyo by many of her followers on facebook, those close to him know him as Billy. The man who is identified as I am Billy on his real facebook account.

Just as everyone else, Billy aka Ellenor Moyo did his primary at Lilongwe Boys Primary School and then proceeded to do his Secondary education at Msonkhamanja Private Secondary School .After successfully completing his MSCE, Billy was enrolled for a course in Architecture at the Malawi Polytechnic.

Billy aka Ellena Moyo grew up in Lilongwe’s location of Mchesi. His parents originally came from Kasiya area of Lilongwe, a political bedroom for Malawi Congress Party(MCP). This is why Ellenor Moyo aka Billy is a devoted MCP fan.

A citizen of Falls Estate in Lilongwe. Billy aka Ellenor Moyo has failed to take care of his sisters to the extent that some of them are into prostitution in Mchesi Township.And yet he blames everything on government instead of working towards liberating his relations.

Though he is a noise marker and blaming government on his failures. His two brothers are able to make ends from the same government Ellenor Moyo aka Billy calls a failed state.

One of his brothers works for Mbelwa District Council as a Human Resources Manager and his name is Tamika while the other brother works for the Malawi Revenue Authority.

The MRA brother is married to Trida.

Although she claims to be just and of clean record as Ellenor Moyo. There seems to be a lot of skeletons in the cupboard of Billy.

It is on record that Billy who in this matter is refereed to Ellenor Moyo was involved in cash gate.

Billy was one of the beneficiaries of cash gate but his character Ellenor Moyo forgets this and claims those in power today are the corrupted ones when the truth of the matter is, Billy himself worked closely with the cash gaters, he was designing some buildings for some cash gate suspects.

For those who doubt, we are ready to bring documented evidence of designs which were done for the cash gate suspects and the plans in question show Billy (Ellenor Moyo) was the Architect of those particular buildings.

He is into politics as Billy and so is Ellenor Moyo. Billy is a close friend to one young failed parliamentary candidate from one constituency in Lilongwe City.

As that is not enough, there is more information on this dubious character which we are yet to make them known to the general public.

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