Breaking News: Fugitive JB To Be Deported As Her Passport Expires While In Self Imposed Exile

After staying in self-imposed exile for over two years now the former Malawi leader must return home to renew her passport which is now expired.

Government sources at Oliver Tambo Airport- where Banda transited during her very final trip some weeks ago- have disclosed that her passport has one page remaining for stamping after which she cannot travel out of her destination.

“If it happens that she travels out of South Africa again to another destination not Malawi then she will be stuck. She will automatically become an illegal immigrant wherever she will be at that time. The wisest thing for her is to travel back to Malawi and renew her passport without delay,” said the source.

Since losing the 2014 polls Joyce Banda has been globetrotting attending to personal business while she on the other hand stays away from the law knowing well that she is needed back home to answer some connections to Cashgate cases.

For two years she has managed to elude the law by claiming that her life is in danger while she continues funding clandestine party activities here in Malawi to destabilize government operations.

Realizing that her return will be detrimental to her survival she has been speaking to her sources at Immigration Department and Home Affairs Ministry to see the possibility of renewing it using her family members here at home.

Former Home Affairs Minister, Uladi Mussa, who is also PP interim leader is said to have convinced JB that she can renew the passport while in South Africa only to reverse his decision later after failing to secure an inside job for such.

As it stands, her wish will not be granted and the only option is for her to return to Malawi and start reprocessing even if it means using express services which cost more than other services.

Her return will give a chance to Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) and Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) to expedite the process of bringing to book everyone who was involved in the stealing of public funds when PP was in government.

Many of the accused and convicts of Cashgate cases have mentioned JB under oath as the masterminder of the plunder of government resources at Capital Hill. The scandal has completely tarnished Malawi’s image across the globe since it happened in 2013.

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