I Wish Chameleon Kamlepo Kalua Was An Honest Man For Once

African politicians are Chameleons:

The way Kamlepo speaks, you can think he is a Saint, an Angel and an honest guy but remember he is a ” Politician”..

he will tell you about everything, what’s going on at the State house and all the deals ! He will speel the beans!!

But you will wonder why he was quite when the plane went Missing.
he never blamed her at all and accused her why he sold it silently..

What about the rotten maize at the Silos. Akuti chimanga anachigulitsa Ku Ma Company when all the Shadow Mps benefitted from it including Kamlepo Kaluwa.

Malawian never saw the rotten maize in any papers and no bid appeared in the Newspapers… And here we are talking of Billions of Kwachas.. We still don’t what happened to the money after it was sold kuma Company ankhuku…

If Kamlepo kalua could have had blamed all these deals, l think he could have been the Honest man in the history of Politicians in Malawi unfortunately he is another Chameleon who want to be silenced by Cash as usual.

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