Auditor General Speaks On 13 Cash gate Files Submitted To ACB: Says No Minister Implicated

Malawi’s Auditor General, on Tuesday took time to address members of the press to clear the mist going around, about some files which were sent to ACB, the country’s graft bursting body allerging that some top serving government officials and cabinet ministers are implicated in the cash gate scandal.

Speaking to the press at Goldern Peacock Hotel in Lilingwe, The Auditor General said the 13 case files that were sent to ACB have no names of a cabinet ministers.

‘All that our office know is that the 13 files are connected to different business companies,’ he said.

He wondered where some politicians and media houses got the information saying about 7 ministers are linked to the abuse of government funds to the tune of billions,contrary to the audit report which was released recently.

There were calls that Mutharika had to fire the seven ministers for abuse of office.

However, Mutharika said he was not going to fire anyone when he had not seen the names and did not know of who they were.

As that was not enough, the president challenged Kamlepo Kalua to bring the names to state house so that the president deals accordingly with them or he shut up if he fails to produce evidence , supporting his claims.

According to the Auditor General, Mr. Kamlepo Kalua is lying to the Nation that he has the names of seven ministers who are implicated in the cash gate scandal.

He further said that, people can also speak with Hon Alekeni Menyani who is the chair of Public Accounts Committee of Parliament, if they want to know more about the said 13 case files.

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