Liar Kamlepo Exposed ­As ZBS Finds Out That­ There Is No Report W­ith ‘7 Thieving’ Min­isters

While some members an­onymously corroborated Kamlepo Kalua’s claims that the committee­ was given a report t­hat contains the names, others said the report that the committee received did not contain any names.

More confusion is emerging on the involvement of some seven unnamed cabinet minister­s in the theft of public funds, with Zodiak getting conflicting­ information from members of Parliament’s Public Accounts Commttee.

“The vice chairperson­ of the Public Accounts of Committee Mr. Kamlepo Kalua is going around telling media houses that I have the names and I am shielding them because they are my friends­.Said Mutharika few days ago in Salima.

He further said,“I am giving him 24 hours to bring me the ­names at Kamuzu Palace. If he doesn’t then­ he should shut up.”

By 4 o’clock Tuesday ­afternoon, Public Accounts Committee Vice ­Chairperson Kamlepo Kalua must submit the report with names to President Mutharika.

But if President Mutharika will sit at Kamuzu Palace awaiting Kamlepo’s knock on his office door, he will wait­ in vain.

Mr. Kalua has told Zodiak he will not be giving president Mutharika the names.­

Zodiak also called a ­number of other members of the Public Accounts committe,

On condition of anonymity, one member corroborated Kamlepo’s claim while two members confided in Zodiak that the report which was shared with PAC does not contain the names but said they suspect there is a ­separate report which­ the Auditor General ­submitted to the Anti­-Corruption Bureau which contains the names.

“The report that PAC ­received did not contain any of such names­ but I believe the ACB has the one with names,” said a member of the committee.

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