Shocker! Chakwera’s K0.650 Billion Mansion In Lilongwe Raises More Questions Than Answers

Embattled opposition Malawi Congress Party leader Lazarus Chakwera continues to amass wealth dubiously and recent revelations show that he has channeled party finances towards construction of a mansion valued to be in the ranges of K600 million (six hundred million).

The said mansion sits on a 5-acre land in an exclusive suburb of Area 6 in Lilongwe.

According to sources who took pictures from all angles, the mansion has close to 15 rooms excluding spaces for kitchens, bathrooms and storerooms. It also has got 6 staff houses.

“It is huge and one wonders why the pastor has only managed a house now after failing to do so for the many years he was church pastor. This vindicates what we have said all along that party finances are being abused here,” laments one inside source.

The politician-cum-pastor has managed to construct the mansion all in a space of one year which raises more eyebrows on his dealings.

Just last year Chakwera accused people who were involved in Cashgate of constructing huge mansions in few months, a thing he argued is not possible when one is using honest funds.

Chakwera’s wealth has come under scrutiny over the past months with reports that he has diverted close to K80 million of money meant for the party to his personal account.

He is also being accused by disgruntled party members of enjoying dodgy funding from Asians and other crooked financers.

There revelations that Chakwera failed to account for millions of kwachas he was given by MCP lovers in diaspora in United States, Germany and South Africa among other places.

Also under question is a fleet of 15 cars that Chakwera has registered in his name right now from a background of owning only two cars when he became MCP leader.

All this comes at a time when the party has only K5032. 50 in its Standard Bank account and is struggling to finance party functions across the board.

The former pastor has been hoodwinked with power such that he has lost all the innocence that characterised his personality during his early political days.

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