MCP Diehards Label Chakwera A Political Opportunist Who Joined The Party To Make Money Finish It

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) old gurus have  claimed the MCP president Lazarous Chakwera was a “devious” man who is intending to destroying the party.

A group which is being led by Chidzanja-Nkhoma has said ,Chakwera’s refusal to call for convetion has made her believe that he was intent on damaging the party for the sake of his own position.

She said Chakwera is more oncerned with destroying MCP than he is with creating a force than can win an election in 2019

Accoridng to Chidzanja-Nkhoma, MCP was busy making intimidatory moves instead of seeking amicable solutions to challenges facing it, especially the infighting.

Chidzanja-Nkhoma, a former close aide of Chakwera who fell out with the party leader just after the 2014 elections—also accused him of appointing officials into the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) without the backing of the law.

“Ask them what position I had in the party when I was helping Chakwera to get that position,” said Chadzanja-Nkhoma dismissing claims that she is being bankrolled by ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

“ When I was helping Chakwera, was I also getting money from DPP? Some of us are born and bred members of MCP. Some of the people in MCP speaking are not elected. Let us not personalise this issue, let them do their homework before uttering such nonsense.

“They are saying I am looking for the administration secretary position, that is nonsense, again. The storm has been blowing for some time. This is the time MCP is looking childish in the public eye. This is why we think the convention is the right platform to solve this,” said Chidzanja-Nkhoma.

MCP, the major opposition block in the country, on Saturday paraded what it termed genuine grassroots structures, which defended the party’s president Chakwera, and rejected calls for his resignation or an emergency convention.

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