Things Fall Apart In MCP As Kamuzu Relatives Dump The Party : Calls Chakwera Vision-less

Dust seems not to settle in Malawi Congress Party with leadership of Reverend Lazarus Chakwera , as relations of the founding father, Late Kamuzu Banda (RIP) have started walking out of the party for what they have described as, lack of visionary leader.

The nation was taken by storm  when it was learnt that, Ireen Katola Phiri who is a very close relation to Kamuzu Banda  has left MCP  for the ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

In an interview with Malawi Independent, Katola who serves  as a councillor in Kasungu said all she wants to see for herself in Malawi developing.

She lamented that all along , many thought MCP would change and bring the hope to the people but as things are now, there is nothing to be proud for being MCP member  hence her decision to join the ruling party.

According to experience,the late Kamuzu Banda  family controls MCP  from the doors, this means that Chakwera risks being removed from the position as he has no backing from the owners of the party.

This comes barely days after another member from  the Kamuzu Banda family, Chatinkha Nkhoma challenged the party’s president  Chakwera  for his poor leadership .

She  lamented that Chakwera has failed to resolve the squabbles in the party two years down the line and there is no hope for those who genuinely love MCP as long as Chakwera remain there.


When Kamuzu Banda died, those from the family made sure that a close member to Kamuzu Banda takes over it, this is why Gwanda Chakuamba failed to win hearts of many in MCP as Tembo was already earmarked for the post long before Banda died.


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