Malawi Top Journalist Kashoti Tells ‘Jelousy Opposition Leaders’ To Salute Mutharika For Delivering Better Despite Economic Crisis

Roads in our townships were in terrible shape so when the ministry of Local Government set aside a few billions of kwachas to rehabilitate them, it made a lot of sense.Writes Dickson Kashoti, one of  top journalists in Malawi.

I stay in Lilongwe, Area 49, Dubai. The road from Senti Bridge to Ng’oma was in real bad shape. Now that the government has come in to work on it, is commendabe.

I expected all of us to lay down our political gear and masks to salute President Peter Mutharika for taking time off to inspect the ongoing works in some parts of Lilongwe.

It is very disappointing that some chose to be negative on the issue when they are the very beneficiaries of the project when completed. We vote leaders into power in return for development.

If this is not development then educate me what development is. This development is coming at a time when Malawi is in real economic crisis therefore if we are sincere, let us give credit where it is due, let us show hats off to Mr President and his team.

Those who choose to close their eyes and pretend everything in Malawi is extremely bad, very smelly and unrepairable, well, that is the beauty of democracy and freedom of speech and freedom of opinion. I was there on duty and I was impressed with the turn out at Senti where the president briefly stopped to talk to his people.

I thought people would not turn up because of the biting hunger and the high cost of living but the opposite was true. I could see grand mummies literally running with grand children just to take a glimpse of the president and hear what he would say. Pregnant mothers literally run to where the president stood in the open landrover, business at Senti and Kang’oma went to a standstill, all shops were closed not by force but people went to where the president was, to show their appreciation for the good road.

Those who stay with me in Dubai, Area 49 can agree with me, am not magnifying the issue here. Photographs are there to bear me witness. On the city roads, APM has scored another good point!

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