Foster Fundi Takes Ben Chiza To Task: Bring Evidence Proving Mutharika Is Corrupt Or Shut Up You Conman

The conman himself trying to regain his lost glory

The conman himself trying to regain his lost glory

Foster Fundi has taken a swipe against Ben Chiza Mkandawire and urged him to come  Come Clean on Fraud Allegations Against Mutharika.

Here is Fundi’s verbatim.

For the first time in weeks I found time to catch up on current affairs in my motherland, Malawi. I had to find time to reconcile reports I am getting against what’s being reported in local media from politics to well, politics.

For those people who are not familiar with this small unknown country, everything there revolves around politics.
One headline that caught my attention was declaration by one of my close friend, Ben Chiza Mkandawire that he alone can bring down Mutharika’s Administration.

I don’t know the background why he has decided to wage war in public against Mutharika’s aide Ben Phiri and his brother Martin Nkasala apart from unsubstantiated rumors that he has been promised a cabinet post in the yet to materialize PP/MCP alliance.

I have to be a neutral observer keeping in mind that both Bens and Martin are my close friends. On the other hand, I was dismayed that Ben Chiza mkandawire will go this far in public to blackmail our president directly or indirectly depending on your ability to analyze issues.

Ben Mkandawire does not do things in a vacuum. There is a strategy and indeed motive to Ben M’s. madness or should I say to everything he does. Many have argued that this is Ben M’s. bargaining chip to reclaim his lost glory and fallout from the administration. Others have argued Be likes to dip his fingers in both jars of vinegar and oil for his own survival.

A majority of DPP supporters believe in private that Ben has always been an opposition implant and the source of many of the leaks that has flooded the local media aimed at embarrassing the president. Many in fact believe Ben M. is a person who will do anything to get what he wants and would not allow a stream of opportunities dry up in front of him for his own survival.

I, on the other hand believe Ben Chiza Mkandawire is a good person. Any political tactician like Ben M. knows that low information public will believe anything you say against a president at their lowest ebb.

Ben has skillfully managed to implant doubts and skepticism in the public’s mind about the president’s honesty by creating this ficticious picture that he knows a lot about president’s secrets or illegal activities. One would reasonably infer from his statement that he was a part to the gang. This reminds me of “Fact vs. Fiction: Debunking More Myths About the CIA” where the writer asked:
What’s the first image that pops into your head when you think about the CIA? Do you envision cutting-edge, Hollywood-esque gadgetry? Do you see men and women, cloaked in black, sneaking into buildings and using their superhuman strength and swiftness to take down the enemy?

Do scenes from your favorite movies flash before your eyes? If you said yes to any of these questions, you’re not alone. But, what’s real? And what’s not? What’s fact?

What’s fiction? There are a lot of misconceptions surrounding CIA as there are misconceptions about politicians. The public believe all politicians are dishonest people and corrupt. I must admit, I too believed so before I learned to think and analyze issues independently.

I believe even if Jesus were to come and join politics somewhere in Malawi, Japan, US, Saudi Arabia or UK, many will perceive him as corrupt by the mere fact of being a politician. The majority of the public believe once individuals join politics they become these monsters and fraudsters overnight. They blame all their personal failures on the crooked politicians. Ben Mkandawire tap into this fear.

Ben M. know well that the public will not give Mutharika the benefit of the doubt. Ben M knows he can blackmail the president without accountability. I think this is sad.

Again, Ben M. is a good person and a friend who should know better that attacking an innocent president is not right but also unjust. I therefore challenge Ben Chiza Mkandawire to come up in the open and present to the public evidence he has against his allegations that this administration is corrupt and that he has witnessed our president committing such crimes. Last time I checked, not reporting crime you witness is a crime in Malawi.

As a good citizen as he purported to be, human rights activist and steward of public purse, I urge Ben Mkandawire to do the right thing and substantiate these baseless and false allegations. Don’t let politics cloud your judgement and tarnish your otherwise stellar reputation for short term gains.

I look up to Ben M and I feel sad that he dropped his guard down and let politicians use him for their own political gains.

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