Z Allan Ntata Caught Pants Down : Circulating Fake Documents, Emails To Tarnish New Army Commander General Supuni

Former Presidential Adviser during the Bingu regime and now critic of the current DPP government, Allan Ntata, has been exposed to have been badmouthing the new Army Commander General Griffin Supuni-Phiri on matters related to peacekeeping funds.

Ntata has been sending emails to several stakeholders both in the country and outside asking them to probe General Supuni because he is allegedly involved in stealing funds meant for peacekeeping forces under United Nations missions.

Responding to Ntata’s claims, United Nations officials have rubbished the claims saying payment procedures of peacekeepers are contrary to what is being claimed.

United Nations says there is a clear formula for cost per soldier and that the institution does not get involved in the payment one level down thus from the troop contributing country to the individual soldier.

The UN clarification puts rest to an issue that Ntata and other government critics have wanted to use to fight personal battles to gain political mileage.

The frustrated lone soldier that Ntata has become goes on -in his email correspondences – to accuse General Supuni of being involved in a heist that has seen soldiers being paid half of their monthly wages every month while the bulk of their wage went into a foreign account.

Ntata further claims he has documents to substantiate his claims. However, he has over the past months lost public trust for throwing tantrums around and claiming things without proper substantiation.

Soon after President Mutharika was sworn into office in 2014, Ntata was among the many opportunists who canvassed for appointments only to be disappointed after they were sidelined.

It was this frustration that drove Ntata to the trenches to fight Professor Mutharika’s government through mudslinging and character assasination.

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