MCP Remains Violent Party Baying For Blood Of I’ts Critics: Kashoti Speak On Chakweras Attack On Chatinkha

Malawi top journalist has come out in the open to condemn the Malawi Congress Party leader, Lazarus Chakwera for sending thugs to attack Chatinkha Nkhoma for openly challing Chakwera Presidency and calling for his resignation but also an early convention.

 Writing on his facebook wall, Kashoti said, “I do not want to come to a hasty conclusion that the Malawi Congress Party will never change. But today’s attack on the residence of Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma by MCP thugs tells a story that the MCP still remains a violent party that purges dissent with an iron fist, a hallmark of the party’s one party system of government in the 1990s.”

 Kashoti wondered why Chakwera would send thugs to torch an innocent woman just for expressing her views.

“The crime this innocent lady has commmitted before Pastor  Lazarus Chakwera is simple. Yesterday she challenged our old good church cleric for a convention. She has not said yet whether she wants to challenge Chakwera or not but a team of MCP thugs today went to her residence, baying for her blood, thanks to the professional police officers.”

 This is in sharp contrast to the ruling DPP. The ruling party, with its myriad and plateful problems, seems to be more democratic than the MCP. Look at the way the DPP dealt with rebel MP Bon Kalindo, it was in a very civilised way. I have not heard that the DPP went to his house, He added.

 “This nonsense in MCP must stop. I am tempted to think that if Chakwera had dams, he would have grown crocodiles for personalitilies with dissenting views. I do not understand why a progressed man should go for a woman, fighting her in a such violent manner,” adds Kashoti.

 If I am to make comparisons, I think the DPP is doing much well in this area. This forces me to think I would rather have the DPP running the affairs of the country than the so called government in waiting of the MCP.

 He further stressed out that it will be a terrible mistake to have Chakwera and MCP as our rulers, that is the fact of the matter. These people have not yet changed!


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