Veteran MCP Official Want Chakwera To Quit, Call For An Early Convention: Dr .Laz Brands Them Rebels

A group of MCP veterans and relations to Late Kamuzu Banda  has emerged in the leading opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) , and  has since challenged party’s  president Lazarus Chakwera to step down and call for an early  convention.

Veteran politician Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, one of the MCP officials who propelled Chakwera into the party helm said at a news conference on Wednesday that Chakwera has failed the MCP and he deserves to be kicked out as soon as possible.

“You hear one problem after another in the party. We do not have a leader in MCP who should deal with the problems. Honourable Dr Chakwera should call for a convention now where we should elect another leader,” said Chidzanja Nkhoma.

Chidzanja Nkhoma, the daughter of one of Kamuzu Banda’s first cabinet ministers in the 1960s, accused the MCP of nepotism and it is rumoured that she is eyeing for the hot seat in MCP.

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila has since welcomed the decision by former party president John Tembo to mediate on issues that are tearing the party apart.

“This will help bring back the unity the party needs ahead of the 2019. This will bring back the four corner stones the party prides itself in. Time is running out, 2019 is just around the corner,” Kabwila said.

One of MCP senior party members Felix Jumbe has been telling the media how Chakwera is sidelining him and problems he is facing in the party.


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