Malawians Dry Clean Conman Ben Chiza Mkandawire On Nyasatimes

Malawians have grilled  conman Ben Chiza Mkandawire over a story he has written on Nyasatimes.

Most of the comments on the story tittled “‘I can take down DPP’: Gloves off as Ben Chiza, Mutharika aides square up” published on Wednesday, August 10 , have lambasted the conman describing him as an opportunist masquarading as an activist.

Below are the comments in verbatim:

So all the activism is based on who is your friend and who is your enemy? huh! In this case you only engage in activism against your enemies. Sad indeed and I for one will never take your activism seriously.
Josphine Mwangolera
I have known Ben Chiza Mkandawire for sometime and have known him to be someone who you can never trust. If indeed he is as straight as he claims to be, why did he not report issues surrounding BEAM to the relevant agencies? Why now? As regards his private life, yes many Malawians and Britons know him better and its an issue of discussion another day.
Finale Wa Kabaza
Chiza Mkandawire we as a nation are suffering because of greedy people like you who only want to fix things for personal gains, agalu inu mwatikwana tsopano, nthawi yonseyi udali kuti kapuku iwe? mapwala anu anthu inu mukutionjeza!!! ndakwiya nanu

Waku Malawi

akulu palibe khani apa, threats aer overrated, get the info, leak it to CNN, BBC Zodiak, THE NY Times and let the population decide what to do, threats and threats ndizachimwana akulu zaku primary tidzaonana potsekela aaaah tikuvutika kaya spill let us revolt and get done with these people, komwe kukulowela dzikoli simukukuiona kodi? kukoma 2L moakana 3 pin kodi.

We saw this day coming, some of us knew Ben Chiza was not corrupt and they try so hard to bring him to their levEl. Iwe Ben Malawi is behind you, awa akukanika keyendetsa boma akufuna ayambe nkhondo. Tiafinya and if you want someone to deal with Ben Phiri we are there for you.
Victim of Ben the Conman
Speak for yourself! Malawi is NOT behind this drug addicted delusional con artists!How he has people like you fooled is beyond comprehension. Wakuba uyu!Wabela so many people including myself and several people that I know and yes I have hard evidence to prove it but we chose not to was dirty laundry on the open because some of us are mature enough to admit it ehen we have been stupit enough to be duped by fools… we cut our loses and move on.Be warned however, especially to you ladies: Ben Chiza is NOT to be trusted at all!
Concerned citizen

Whatever skeletons lie in you and your spouse’s personal closet are your business but your reaction to the allegations made by Malawi independent alone raises questions about your character.
You have dirt on the regime yet you only “threaten” to expose it for personal gain when it suits you to vindicate you and and your spouse…Where is the interest of the people in that?
The regime has “attacked” your spouse and you “attack” APMs spouse by leaking this said letter in return? Mud slinging playground tactics that prove you are just as dirty as you say the regime is!!!!!

Nice comment. He is only leaking now,why not when everything was going smooth in his family life.? Malawi is full of selfish people…


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