JZU Labels Chakwera A Failure For Not Resolving MCP Squabbles:Be In Politics Not On Pulpit

Retired former Malawi Congress Party (MCP) president John Tembo has offered himself to take part in resolving the continued problems rocking his former party which the current leadership of Lazarus Chakwera has failed to resolve.

“There is need to be tolerance in the party, as of now the party is divided and that is not good for the MCP,” he said.

Tembo said he is not happy with the protracted war between party president Lazarus Chakwera and some of his senior party leaders for Chakwera stubbornness and favouritism towards his close friends, cronies and church fellows in the party.

Recently, deputy director of research in the party Felix Jumbe told a radio station on Sunday that Chakwera is “intolerant to criticism and self centred. ”

He claims that Chakwera’s personal body guards organised that  Jessie Kabwila and Jumbe should not attend a rally in Salima which the party president organised.

“ Honourable Kabwila’s supporters were beaten up so too district party officials and a former regional chairman who was chased away,” said Jumbe.

He also told a local daily that “politics of dictatorial attributes” is quickly creeping back in MCP and that the people around the leadership are busy using “old tricks in the book to upstage innocent people like me.”

“To the leadership I say open your doors with soberness and listen to reasoning and not look at personalities as threats or whatever you call us. Kholokolo imene ikunenedwayo idzaoneka pamawa. The macro-dictatorship may be gone legally, but we now remain with it culturally in micro institutions like companies and parties. “

Chakwera has however played down the issues, saying he is working round the clock with divine intervention, to deal with them.

A development which has angered JZU Tembo to the extent of calling Chakwera a failure who thinks politics is like life on the pulpit.

Tembo who has been leader of MCP for two elections period and longest leader of opposition has been outside mainstream politics for close to three years now.

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