Luchenza Council CEO In Abuse Of Office , Financial Mismanagement: Sent On Forced Leave

Barely a day after we reported the abuse office which the Blantyre city council CEO has been doing and wasting government resources on private projects.

The Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development has sent on forced leave Luchenza Municipal Council chief executive officer (CEO) Andrew Misomali to pave way for investigations into alleged abuse of office which has cost Luchenza council millions ending in his pockets and that of  the Chief accountant and another senior official of the council.

In May this year, angry councillors and chiefs mobilised community members to throw out Misomali for alleged financial mismanagement and poor administration which had seen then not being paid for months in their allowances and salaries.

The main commotion started from an emergency meeting that the elected representatives and traditional leaders held where they unanimously agreed to remove the CEO who at that time had worked at the council for barely two months.

“As members of the council, we have come to this conclusion because the CEO is involved in gross financial mismanagement. Since he arrived councillors have never received their honoraria. Besides, he single-handedly presented to the ministry a budget that council members had rejected,” said one of the authorities from the council.

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