Kaliati Blasts Daily Times For Politicizing Church Event-Leave VP Chilima Alone

Chilima a devoted catholic

Chilima a devoted catholic

Member of parliament for Mulanje west, Patricia Kaliati has blasted the Daily Times for politicizing a church event which the Vice President and devoted catholic Right Honourable Saulos Klaus Chilima attended.

In a press statement made available to Malawi Independent, Kaliati has said, “as Member of Parliament for the area and also as a member of the organizing committee I wish to thank wholeheartedly all those that made any contribution towards the success of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations that marked the 75th anniversary of the establishment of St Anne’s Namulenga Parish of the Catholic Church, in Mulanje West constituency.”

The event would not have been as beautiful as it was, as meaningful as it turn out to be, and as historic as it has been marked without your support. Thank you very much.

She further highlighted that, “I would also like to value, as always, the contribution that is provided by the media in matters of national importance, including this one. The event was attended, it was supported and it is still being appreciated because of the publicity that the media provided. Your contribution is appreciated and cannot be diluted by one instance of regrettable misreporting that has appeared in today’s edition of the Daily Times under the headline: “Chilima held waiting for a church event.”

Firstly, this kind of reporting will not change the fact that this was a church event. All those that are familiar with the Vice President know that he attends church events as church events. Despite being the Guest of Honour, he humbly participated in the ceremony as a catholic faithful that he is. At all church functions, he does not attach importance to the glamour and grandeur that go with his position, or like on this day, as guest of honour. The Daily Times will be disappointed to be informed that the Vice President only valued worship not the fanfare that the newspaper wanted to see.

Secondly, the Vice President was at his platform with a few individuals, not because the organizers were late. If they were late, the Vice President would not even have known where to sit. It is the organisers that led him to his seat. Then they sought his leave, which he granted, to participate in the formalities of the worship. These formalities started with a procession of the clergy that started from elsewhere. After the procession of the clergy reached the venue, the organizers took their seats. The procession does not glide in its movement. It moves slowly and orderly. So there was no delay. The Vice President understands these formalities, that is why, as the article puts it, he did not complain “about the delay.”

Thirdly, that equipment was being mounted in the presence of the Vice President is not a very smart lie. Even in dreams, lies should to be told properly. They do not have to be this shabby. All those that are familiar with mounting of sound equipment at a public event of that nature know that it includes running of cables all over the place. This could not have been happening while the venue was filled with people. Testing of microphones can never be evidence of delay. During functions, microphones are tested all the time to see if they are working.

Fourthly, while not trying to be seen to be interfering in the editorial policy and judgment of the Daily Times, this being a religious event, I don’t think it would have been wrong to include in the article the beautiful spiritual messages that the clergy preached on this day. On another day, let the newspaper not ignore the substance of the event just because of the misconception that news is only scandal. Because it is these misconceptions that sometimes make journalists to manufacture news like is the case in the article in question.

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