Blantyre City Council CEO In Abuse Of Office: Spending MK 1mn Per Week on Hired Vehicle, Using BCC Staff On  His Private Projects

Chief Executive Officer for the Blantyre City Council (BCC) Dr. Alfred Chanza is said to be using state coffers by milking Blantyre council resources toward erecting a brick wall fence around his private house in Sunnyside, Malawi Independent has learnt.

Among others,  Dr. Chanza is also using BCC staff for labor work on the private work he is doing.

As if that was not enough, BCC vehicles registration numbers BL 1983 and BJ 3538 are being used to transport bricks and river sand  for his private project when they were supposed to be used by the council.

“He is using wheelbarrows  and other equipment  belonging to the city council on personal gains. He has embarked on road project too to his house using council resources. It is also alleged that he bribes councilors who are “soft” on him with money and giving them plots which they are selling,” said the sources.

The BCC boss is also  being accused of employing people from his home district of Thyolo and firing people for no good reasons just to create space for his home boys and friends.

The source, further disclosed that, since his appointment, Dr. Chanza is using a hired vehicle from countrywide, which is costing the BCC Mk 1 million per week. A development which is against the Public Service Reforms being championed by the DPP led administration.

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