Arrested Chanco Students Implicate  Kabwila, Dulani, Mchulu and Chakhwantha 



Over 26 Chancellor College students who were thrown into the cooler at Eastern Police Regional Headquarters in Zomba have given interrogators information that implicate some of their lecturers and politicians who they say were fanning and sponsoring their demonstrations against University Council’s fee hike.

Chancellor College students illegally went into the street on Monday to express their dissatisfaction over the fee hike but ended up smashing people’s stationed property and vehicles in Zomba City thereby attracting heavy handedness from the law enforcers who dispersed them with teargas.

The ensuing standoff saw police arresting 26 students including the Chanco Union leader who they took into their custody for questioning. The union leader has been arrested for inciting fellow students to riot. “Most of them came to their senses to find out that they had committed prosecutable crimes under the law.

They then opened up and told us of their lecturers and politicians who have been sponsoring the demonstrations in the back,” a source at Eastern Region Police Headquarters said.

Names that appeared time and again during interrogation include Dr. Chizimba, Prof. Boniface Dulani, Dr Bob Mchulu, Dr Joseph Chunga MCP MPs Jessie Kabwila and OB Chakwatha.

The two MPs have been visiting the Chirunga campus for the past two months where they were holding meetings with the mentioned lecturers and students union leaders to plan the demos. The demonstrations have shamed Malawi as students targeted the convoy of Dr Jill Biden, Second Lady of the United States of America forcing her to abandon her day’s proposed schedule in Machinga. The college has since been closed by university authorities to reclaim calm and normalcy for Zomba City residents.

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