Peoples Party Operatives  Plan To Petro Bomb State Owned MBC TV, Radio :ESCOM House Style

Former ruling  Peoples Party executive  members have  come out of the cocoon to bring stern warning of their  intentions  to petro bomb both TV and Radio stations which are  owned by the state.

According to our sources, the news which MBC aired  stating that the former ruling party topped the cash gate report on stealing of money meant for poor Malawians with  almost 96% out  of the MK 577 billion was embezzled in only two years they were in power.

“MBC will fight us to the ground for the role we played in the looting of billions of tax payers, we cannot tell them to stop airing programs that are of negative impact to our leader Dr. Joyce Banda but we have the capability to stop by petro bombing their transmitters and offices,” disclosed one of the people who attended their planning meeting at Ufulu gardens in Area 43, Lilongwe.

This is not the first time for the Peoples Party to be involved in evil activities. During the rule of Joyce Banda, the same operatives torched ESCOM house in Blantyre to cover up for the financial mismanagement which involved sons of former President Roy Kachale and his brother Geoff.

Few days ago, one of the senior Peoples Party official Dawn Gowa Nyasulu  failed to hold his patience and wrote on his facebook wall that they were ready to ransack MBC stations with arson.

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