Michael Usi, Sidik Mia Fight Over Newly Formed UTP Leadership:MCP,PP Blamed

Disagreements that have rocked the newly-formed United Transformation Party-UTP are as a result of preconceived power-hungry conduct of comedian Michael Usi and former politician Sidik Mia, we can reveal.

It came as a surprise months ago when the party found itself in court soon after registration over matters to do with positions.

A section of its top gurus blocked interim president Newton Kambala from attaining such status.

Kambala, who is former Malawi Confederation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry (MCCCI) President, was earmarked for the post without any election as the founders saw the move as fitting in the formative years of the establishment.

But Kambala told a local paper recently that it was a mere misunderstanding associated with different groups in their formative stages.

He said he was happy that a section of members that took the matter to court and obtained an injunction to stop him from occupying the position were finally contemplating to have the matter withdrawn from the High Court.

However, it has been established that the court injunction and wrangles in the party are a result of the leadership battles between Usi and Mia.

“It is no more secret that it is Manganya and Mia fighting for the presidency of the party as both are desperate and hungry for power and do not want to give each other a chance” said our source.

Another source close to the party revealed that the man doing ground work for the party is long-time political strategist Humprey Mvula.

“Mr. Mvula is the one running affairs and doing the groundwork. He has been on the project since the word go. Our plan is that we want to formulate a strong base in the Southern Region and come up with a better candidate. We will at a later stage formulate a partnership with the Malawi Congress Party-MCP” said the source.

According to him the party wants the MCP candidate to be the running mate of the coalition saying that was the only viable option to defeat the ruling DPP.

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