MCP President Chakwera Barred Kabwila, Jumbe From Attending Political Rally in Salima

Reports are indicating that Parliamentarians Jessie Kabwila and Felix Jumbe were stopped from attending a political rally organised by Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera.

Kabwira is a member of parliament for Salima North while Jumbe represent Salima South for the MCP.

According to sources, both Jumbe and Kabwila were duly advised not to attend the rally on accusations that they are working against Chakwera.

Jumbe confirmed, to a local radio station, to have received the communication from sources he described as well wishers, but said he decided to go against the calls as the rally was being held in his home district.

“Some well wishers advised me against attending the meeting saying I risked being chased. But I chose to defy the advice because the rally was in my area,” said Jumbe.

According to Jumbe, some district’s political party leaders were openly bared from attending the rally on grounds that they were working with the two embattled MPs.

At the start of the ongoing siting of parliament, Kabwila and Jumbe were also evicted from their traditional seats and were thrown to the far back side.

Kabwira is currently occupying sit number 79 from her previous number 1 which was located in front of opposition benches while Jumbe is now occupying sit number 76 from his previous number 32.
This followed the continued out-cry from MCP membership that the loose-mouthed Kabwila is destroying the party at a faster rate, while Jumbe is apparently being punished for openly supporting some of government policies in public.

For instance, Jumbe in his capacity as chairperson of Parliamentary Committee on Agriculture openly contradicted Chakwera when he hailed President Peter Mutharika’s State of the Nation Address, saying it offered hope for the country’s agricultural sector, while his party leader said the SONA was empty.

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