Livingstonia Synod’s Rev Nyondo Condemns Students Vigil : Warns MCP,PP To Leave Unima Students Alone

One of the Malawi’s prominent religious leaders, Reverend Levi Nyondo, has condemned some politicians for using innocent and unsuspecting students in trying to score their political goals.

The opposition Malawi Congress Party publicity secretary Dr Jessie Kabwira has been meeting students at Mulunguzi Cottage and later changed to Peters Lodge in Zomba while son to a prominent politician has also been meeting students from Polytechnic at Kabula in Blantyre.

“This is very bad and as a Synode we cannot condone that,” Said Nyondo.

Nyondo said if anybody thinks that there is a problem, the best way is to engage the leadership.

However Malawi Independent investigations have revealed that MCP leaders have been mobilising students at LUANAR, Chanco.

The two names continuously cited are Salima North Constituency Member of Parliament, Jessie Kabwira and Peter Louis Chakhwantha.

Some students and the general public started raising eye brows after observing that University of Malawi Students Union(UMSU)is being sponsored in a sophisticated manner runs into millions.

Malawi Independent z understands that sponsors have bankrolled printing of 5,000 T-shirts for the University wide body which ironically complains of high fees.

The colour and symbol of the printed T-Shirts are those similar to academic freedom.

Market investigations show that the high quality material used cost K6,200 to produce and deliver one T-shirts making a total of K39 Million on 5,000 gross figure.

Currently UMSU is under leadership pressure to preserve its integrity.

Some students fear that the organisers have a desire to incite national chaos and want to use fees only as a mobilisation tool.

In a letter written on 7 July, 2016, to all students UMSU executive has tried to argue that UMSU Council is not a political party and if at all it cannot associate itself with any political party in the country.

In the letter, UMSU leadership has threatened those “Who are writing on the social media associating UMSU with political party to stop as soon as possible,”

Further investigations reveals that Kabwira has been meeting UMSA President Ayuba Silvester James and other students to discuss the way forward.

It is also believed that James has pocketed K375,000 apart from K2.7Million which has been distributed to other students.

Meanwhile, students who were unsuspectingly dragged into the plot have started distancing themselves from the whole thing.

Fourth year students have written the college leaders asking for endemity against the closure of the college after getting  suspicious “In the manner how UMSU intend to handle things”.

Concerned final year students said

“Let it be known that we would not condone nor will we be part of such a movement, We have been victims of vigils and demonstration,”

The final year students have vivid memories of chaos that was created by the academic freedoms and other demonstrations.

“We don’t want to be used like condoms again,” said one student who asked for anonymity

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