MCP’s Kabwira Used Unima Students For Her Political Career With Academic Freedom,Now At It Again


Last time there was a politician masquerading as a lecturer, Jessie Kabwira. She wanted a way to launch her political career. Kabwila took advantage of university students vulnerability and lack of political experience and successfully propelled herself into politics using them.

Kabwira came up with project Academic Freedom. In this project Kabwira, then an MCP legislator aspirant masquerading as a champion of academic freedom, immobilized unsuspecting lecturers and students into her partisan political battles. She was using the lecturers and the students.

Months down the line of demos and strikes by students and lecturers suddenly, while the lecturers and students were in the streets chanting anti government songs against DPP, Jessie the maverick was spotted in Salima her home district clad in MCP colors dancing Kamuzu songs for MCP president Lazarus Chakwera.

Two months later she contested as an MCP candidate for Salima and won. She used the unsuspecting lecturers and students.

Today Jessie is a Member of Parliament for MCP. Now ask the students she used; their academic calendar was disrupted and some had to spend extra two years in college, some got weeded, some got caught up in eventualities of life and dropped out of college due to the delay caused by Jessie. Three years later the college has not recovered from the effect of Kabwira’s actions; intakes are crushing and the academic calendar is in shambles while Jessie Kabwira is enjoying as a parliamentarian.

As I again hear of proposals for demos from the University of fees hike and that again Jessie Kabwira and Joyce Banda’s son Roy Kachale are meeting UMSU members at night to plan the demos. I can’t help it but remind those of you in college to be careful and avoid being the pawn again in a political game because surely you will be the victims and not the politicians.

Mlaliki Sinoya.

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