Joyce Bandas Key Player In Cash gate Scandal Njanji Poisoned To Death; Was Set To Testify Against Banda

Death of former Principal Secretary (Finance) in Office of President and Cabinet, Joster Njanji, has raised eyebrows among his family members who suspects he must have been poisoned by members of Peoples Party who are answering Cashgate cases or are about to be arrested on the same Family sources say they suspect he was poisoned as he complained of abdominal pains soon before collapsing.

Doctors at Kamuzu Central Hospital also hinted that blood samples from the deceased body had strange chemical elements. They have since sent samples to a laboratory in South Africa for further tests.

While serving as PS in OPC Njanji worked closely with Lutepo and former leader Joyce Banda to loot govt money.

In a court affidavit he did confirm having been tasked to raise 50 billion for the Peoples Party in readiness of the 2014 General Election campaign. Though his case was dragging Njanji was a key witness in Joyce Banda’s involvement in Cashgate. Being an important witness, he faced many uncertain fates as he was being followed by PP diehards to silence him.

Banda used her inner circle both in government and the party to siphon billions of Kwacha to fund her campaign activities. Her office was not available to comment on the matter.

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