Disgruntled Activist Mayaya Tells Polytechnic Students To Demonstrate,Vandalize Propert

Jobless and attention but failed activist ot Billy Mayaya has told students from constituent colleges of University of Malawi to go in the streets,vandalize property and put Malawi’s major cities in a standstill.

In a conversation that we have seen between Mayaya and a student from one of the colleges who though self acclaimed activist Mayaya would be a solution to their problems with the recent hiking of UNIMA fees by he Unima council.

Mayaya advised the helpless students that the best way to go is hold demonstrations across all the cities in Malawi.

He further told them that before a petition is made to the Minister of Education, at least they have to be chaotic so that their voice must be heard easily.

It has been reported that several politicians and activists have been enticing these students to be violent and what Mayaya has done is a clear sign that the demonstration to start next week are being fueled by some other quarters.

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