Rebirth Of Terror MCP Youth As  Party Form  Group  Called  MCP Champions: Assaulting District Chairmen  Calling For Early Convention  

In the course of a court case in which Malawi Congress Party (MCP) President Lazarus Chakwera is being challenged by 46 party chairpersons in all political districts in the country, a new group known as MCP Champions is now manhunting the dissidents to deal with them violently.

The 46 district chairpersons sought court relief sometime last year when they became displeased with Chakwera for appointing close friends to positions that were vacated by people who had been elected at the convention in August 2013.

The violence is aimed at discouraging the party chairpersons and forcing them to withdraw their demand for an emergency convention.

The nucleus of the violence is Karonga where party Vice President Richard Msowoya is leading a team which is sending threats to Karonga District committee and baying for their blood.

MCP Champions was first launched in Nkhatabay by Nation Publications CEO, Mbumba Banda, daughter to deceased nationalist Aleke Banda.

Coincidentally and interestingly it is strongly hinted that Mbumba is romantically involved with Speaker Richard Msowoya.

Now the terror is now moving to the Southern Region. MCP Champions is sending threats to party Chairmen that as soon as the court case is over and “Team Chakwera’ win, they will all be fired immediately.

Team Chakwera has been perpetually been desperate to arm-twist the legal processes.

The team was seen collecting fake signatures from PP members in Thyolo, Phalombe and other Southern region district where they failed to even entice the committee with a K10,000 bribe to sign affidavits refusing convention.

What is amazing is why ‘Team Chakwera’ is so adamantly refusing to grant the grassroot leadership the convention to sort out the mess they themselves have created in the party.

Composition of the Champions leadership is the new crop of MPs mainly Nkhata, Chimwendo, Chakwera’s brother, Lobin Lowe (Chakwera’s in-law, Khumbize Chaponda, Thyolera and Eisenhower Mkaka.

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